Top Cell Phones and Smartwatches for Kids in 2017

Are you shopping around for your child’s first cell phone/smartwatch or a new one for them? Well, you’re in luck! We have compiled a list of the top cell phones and smart watches for kids in 2017.

Apple iPhone SE

If you are an iPhone lover then, the Apple iPhone SE is perfect for your child. It is also a great phone for the long-term. This phone is small with a 4-inch screen, uses the advanced A9 chip, and can take incredible photos, videos, and live photos. Compared to the iPhone 5s, this cell phone has 3X faster GPU performance and 2X faster CPU performance. It comes in four different colors: Space Gray, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold. What’s great is that this phone is available with most major cell phone carriers. Some great features this phone has that a parent would benefit from include: FaceTime and Parental Controls/Restrictions. With parental controls/restrictions, you can set not only what apps your child cannot use, but restrictions on specific apps like Safari. This phone is a great investment overall for the features you get.

Samsung Galaxy J3

The Samsung Galaxy J3 is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy 6 & 7 as far as features goes. This cell phone is cheaper than other Galaxy phones and ranges in price depending on your provider. This phone has a 5” inch screen with great resolution, has the option of expanding the phone memory, and has excellent sound. A feature of the Galaxy line that is great is that you can set the phone on Easy Mode which makes the phone simpler to use and the icons larger. Just like the Apple iPhone SE, you can restrict your child’s use of certain apps and features. This cell phone is great long-term alternative to the iPhone SE without breaking your bank.

Filip 2

If you don’t feel comfortable giving your child an actual smartphone, the FiLIP 2 is the perfect solution. It is a wearable phone, similar look to a smartwatch, that is also a locator. You can store five contacts on the device which your child can scroll through. You can also set SafeZones like home or school, where the parent will get a notification when their child has left or entered the zone. On the parent’s end, you can send one-way text messages to your child. As a plus, there are many watch colors to choose from!

Kurio Watch

Now, this product isn’t exactly a smartphone but is very close to it! It is very affordable costing roughly $65. This is similar to a smartwatch minus making phone calls. Instead of calling, you can text from and to the Kurio Watch to any other Kurio Watch or Android device. It has the capability to take photos & videos, play music, and play games like tic-tac- toe. It has all of the essential features any phone has including a calculator, calendar, times, contacts, activity tracker, and emergency features. To note, the emergency features include: contacts, phone numbers, and information on your child’s allergies and medical conditions. What’s great is that no cell phone carrier and contract are necessary!

It is important that as your child gets older, they have a cell phone or smartwatch they can use whether to call or text you to pick them up from school or in an emergency situation. The main priority is making sure your child is safe and not getting into trouble. These are all great cell phones and smartwatches that will make a parent feel more relaxed and a child happy. Next time you go shopping, make sure to check these ones out!